Touch Up

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Come meet us! A consultation is NOT required, but is recommended when you have had previous tattoo done on your eyebrow. It is also recommended when you have any kind of skin condition that needs to be evaluated.  

In this session before and after pictures will be taken. A shape will be chosen by measuring facial features and bone structure. Before the procedure is done, you will decide how you want the shape to be and if you like the shape that was drawn for you

4-6 weeks after the first Microblading procedure touch up must be done to correct any hair strokes that may have come off. The first Microblading procedure does not stay 100% since this is done on the very surface of the skin. Please book this appointment the same day you  ​book your first procedure.

Permenent Lip Color

Annual Touch Up

Custom Brow Service

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Ideal for women wanting fuller, more defined lip contours, a Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Enhancement takes the hassle out of reapplying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. Confident that your pout will always be on point, and your lip color won’t disappear whilst eating, drinking, or playing, leaving you looking drained and pale! 

Once a year it is recommended that a touch up is done for a color boost. The Annual touch up is reserved for clients who have done their eyebrows with Milly in the past. Please book this appointment if it has been longer then 6 months since your last application.
Brow tweezing, waxing and trimming. To keep your shape looking perfect we recommend getting your eyebrows shaped at least every other week.